Firefox crop circle on google maps and google earth FINALLY !!

At last at last at last!

We’re finally imortalized on Google Maps and Google Earth!

Here’s the Digg story, a direct link to the google map (I’m the little dot on the far right in the picture of us near the trucks), and a article about the crop circle being in Google Earth!

I’m so stoked. I’m risking persecution by blogging at work while my bosses are down here because this is just THAT exciting!

btw, here’s the article that talks about the circle project and the the documentary that documented it all!

I was quoted in the Crop-circle correction!

I’m sort of proud of this. Just wanted to let you know that some “reporters” actually do listen to people who write to them to inform them that no oats were “abused.”

I suppose he was trying to be funny, but his articles are syndicated as “news” so I didn’t really look too closely at his “humor”. Serves me right for being knee-jerky, I guess, because he quoted my note in its entirety. At least I was polite, or that would have been embarassing. :)

Here’s a direct link to the corrected article.

Firefox crop circle finished!!

First, let’s resolve some FAQs:

No aliens were harmed in the making of this crop circle.

No farmers or land owners were harmed in the making of this crop circle. (we had PERMISSION!)

No, we were not really abducted by aliens and forced to act as their personal slaves to promote some alternative browsing lifestyle. We did this of our own free will because we love Firefox!

YES there were GIRLS involved! (like me and Beth!)

Rumor has it that the original idea came from a girl John sat next to on a plane in the not-so-distant past and in a not-so-distant place. The idea spread like a hot hot hot conspiracy theory through the interweb and through our humanoid geeky hearts. It was like wildfire through an oat field! A wild fireFOX spreading through an oat field!

Anyway, it’s true! It’s real! It’s finished! And I was THERE! (I still can’t believe it)

Here are some links to Important Stuff related to the circle:

I’ll add more links as I find them:
Firefox on Technorati <--all over the place!
all over the place on google search!
Firefox Tales!

We Got Slashdotted!

Firefox Crop Circle (part one)

Crushing oats with 2x4s in both 2am freezing cold temperatures and broad-daylight HOT SUN is… really NOT how I expected to spend a weekend evar in my life. I’m sunburned for the first time since I moved from hawaii, and I’ve got OATS. hehheheh.

WE MADE A FIREFOX CROP CIRCLE! Helicoptors, small airplanes, and GOOGLE!

Everyone got really great photos from the air. I can’t upload any of my photos yet because I left my cable at home. That’s why this is part one of… who knows how many.

Anyway, for starters, check out the firefox flicks video about OSCON where the Mozilla crew hooked up with the OSU crew and started the real work to make this happen.

Anyway, I took some oats as proof I was there, and I got to be the one filmed knocking down the very last of the design. woo hoo!

More will probably show up on other places online. Links to follow as soon as people start posting and digging and blogging.

Firefox view-source, fun with special characters!

Burning Question of the Day: Why does Firefox convert the unicode, ascii, hex codes for special characters to human-readable text when you view source? What if I want to know which one the site is using?

This is just one of those burning questions and not something I’m having problems with. I currently use the web-developer tools to look at code from other people’s websites… so, no this Firefox “feature” does not hinder my work. :)

This is just one of those things that will make me tickle inside for a while. Like, whose call was it to make Firefox’s “view source” function auto-render the special characters and leave out the cute little codes? Did people complain?

To me, anyone who’s interested in the source of a page is going to be interested in all of the code… not just the html.


OSU got Slashdotted!!

Weeee! I didn’t even know this. I should walk through the MU Quad more often!

Link to Slashdot’s “Slashback” article… OSU’s blurb is at the bottom

Take Back The Sidewalk! Spread Firefox site too. :) :) :)

In Other News: I hope all you browncoats who are probably starting to loiter outside the theater in Portland all DIE have a great time at the movie.