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Firefox crop circle on google maps and google earth FINALLY !!

At last at last at last! We’re finally imortalized on Google Maps and Google Earth! Here’s the Digg story, a direct link to the google map (I’m the little dot on the far right in the picture of us near … Continue reading

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firefox ‘copy plain text’ extension.

Jeremy of is my hero for making this extension. It’s such a small, simple thing, but it brings me so much joy. The fact that it can become the default copy function is what really makes me swoon. *wiggles*

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I was quoted in the Crop-circle correction!

I’m sort of proud of this. Just wanted to let you know that some “reporters” actually do listen to people who write to them to inform them that no oats were “abused.” I suppose he was trying to be funny, … Continue reading

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Firefox crop circle finished!!

First, let’s resolve some FAQs: No aliens were harmed in the making of this crop circle. No farmers or land owners were harmed in the making of this crop circle. (we had PERMISSION!) No, we were not really abducted by … Continue reading

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Firefox Crop Circle (part one)

Crushing oats with 2x4s in both 2am freezing cold temperatures and broad-daylight HOT SUN is… really NOT how I expected to spend a weekend evar in my life. I’m sunburned for the first time since I moved from hawaii, and … Continue reading

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Firefox view-source, fun with special characters!

Burning Question of the Day: Why does Firefox convert the unicode, ascii, hex codes for special characters to human-readable text when you view source? What if I want to know which one the site is using? This is just one … Continue reading

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OSU got Slashdotted!!

Weeee! I didn’t even know this. I should walk through the MU Quad more often! Link to Slashdot’s “Slashback” article… OSU’s blurb is at the bottom Take Back The Sidewalk! Spread Firefox site too. :) :) :) In Other News: … Continue reading

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