Firefox crop circle finished!!

First, let’s resolve some FAQs:

No aliens were harmed in the making of this crop circle.

No farmers or land owners were harmed in the making of this crop circle. (we had PERMISSION!)

No, we were not really abducted by aliens and forced to act as their personal slaves to promote some alternative browsing lifestyle. We did this of our own free will because we love Firefox!

YES there were GIRLS involved! (like me and Beth!)

Rumor has it that the original idea came from a girl John sat next to on a plane in the not-so-distant past and in a not-so-distant place. The idea spread like a hot hot hot conspiracy theory through the interweb and through our humanoid geeky hearts. It was like wildfire through an oat field! A wild fireFOX spreading through an oat field!

Anyway, it’s true! It’s real! It’s finished! And I was THERE! (I still can’t believe it)

Here are some links to Important Stuff related to the circle:

I’ll add more links as I find them:
Firefox on Technorati <--all over the place!
all over the place on google search!
Firefox Tales!

We Got Slashdotted!

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3 Responses to Firefox crop circle finished!!

  1. Autarchex says:

    That’s amazingly awesome.

    Especially the offical bug ticket for “there is no firefox crop circle.”

  2. Hi!

    The FireFox on Oat Field is on the Google Earth?
    You have the link?

  3. emily says:

    No link to google earth yet. I’m sure I’ll blog about it when we find out about it.

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